compras de las escorts

Something you should know about escort shopping. They can give themselves luxuries that other women will not, because their clients are big businessmen and millionaires who live in the sector or spend their time off there.

The Palma de Mallorca escorts are elegant and sophisticated women who like to go shopping on Paseo del Borne, as there are specialized stores such as Luis Vuitton; Hugo Boss, Escada and Bvlgari who have turned this place into the luxury promenade also called the golden mile, both for the beauty of its designs and for the price of the same.

Tourists from all over the world come to look for Palma de Mallorca escorts for their unrivaled reputation for being beautiful and extremely accommodating.

Some of their clients love to take the escorts shopping as a reward for their good performance, but, in addition, they complete their wardrobe themselves because they know that they must always be impeccable for their clients and in addition to wanting to look perfect … They love the shopping in Palma de Mallorca!

Escorts shopping, an escort’s shoes

If you want to become a luxury escort, you should know that a large part of her glamor lies in the use of high-heeled shoes. Whether they are designer or not, you should always have a large number of high heeled shoes of different colors and styles in which you cannot miss a pair or two of red, as this is usually one of the fetiches most requested by men during lovemaking.

Party dresses

Of course, in the closet of an impolite luxury, party dresses should prevail because they are mainly required to attend this type of event in which businessmen want to spend some time relaxing and pleasure.

In addition, within this section of party dresses, they must have at least one black dress, one red and one gold, as these colors are usually the most used in night out.

Short dresses

Of course, men who go out with escorts, particularly at private parties and bachelor parties, like the girls to show off their wonderful bodies, so without a doubt these should also be part of your wardrobe as an escort.

compras de escorts bolsos

In the shopping of the escorts you can not miss the Bags

An escort should have bags of all sizes, as some clients prefer that you take sex toys to appointments, costumes, candles, oils, and some BSDM items, which of course would be better to carry in a fancy bag.

In addition, you must also have at least one medium-size suitcase as some clients request them to travel with them.


Of course, in the shopping for the escorts swimsuits cannot be missing as they are important to show off their spectacular bodies on the beach and private parties on boats and yachts, they should be of different styles, because customers do not always like tiny swimsuits, so, in the variety is the pleasure.