Frances completo

Discover a technique of pleasure as a couple. In a full French of a Mallorca escort there are always different ways through which you can give your partner extraordinary pleasure. Once there is a high degree of complicity with her, you can begin to experiment with many elements to reach the maximum sexual climax that we all want to reach.

One of the ways for you to achieve total enjoyment as a couple is the full French of a Mallorca escort and today she will show you her secrets, what it is and how to do it so that you can achieve an experience like no other.

What is a complete French?

It really is a low key term for a practice that was very popular in French brothels during the 19th century, where they claimed to be the best in all of Europe to do it.

This is the well-known fellatio, that is, oral sex which in the case of performing it on women is called cunnilingus and that although hearing it is not a great mystery, it carries its technique so that you can produce in your partner a pleasure that, well, … you’ll see the results!

Mallorca escorts explain how to do a good full French

First of all it is important to agree with your partner. Definitely you should not do it out of obligation, which will not be worth it because you will not enjoy it and of course he or she will not enjoy it.

If this is the first time you are going to do it and you both agree, don’t worry, everything will be fine by itself … follow your instincts.

For your practice to be great, you must take into account something very important … grooming. Obviously it goes in tastes but the perfect time to perform a fellatio is after an erotic shower, you do not need to use intimate soaps or anything strange, just wash well with water normally.

When the two of them are with their bodies wet and ready to ignite the passion. For a health protection for both, it is better to do it before penetration and afterwards they can continue with other different games, although of course, we insist, everything depends on taste.

Give a man a full French

Believe it or not, most men dream not only of being given a good oral sex practice but also of giving it to their partner. In some cases it is a fantasy that gets them too excited, so we go step by step starting with the boys.

You can do the full French to a man with him standing or sitting and you on your knees or, the easiest and most recommended way is lying on your back and you crouching in front of him.

To begin, you should not get directly to the point. It’s not just about sucking on a banana. Nothing more sensual than starting with a few kisses around the penis area which will create tension and expectation. Focus on caressing his thighs, and then little by little see reaching one of his most erotic and delicate areas … the testicles.

Play with them a bit, but gently. You can kiss them, just throw the warm breath from your lips or even put them in your mouth and play with your tongue in them, with that you will start to achieve results … you will notice it in the expression of their face and their entire body itself.

Then start touching the shaft of the penis by sliding your fingers up and down. You can help yourself with a little saliva or a flavored gel if you wish. Do not press too hard, go increasing the intensity little by little.

Now yes, moisten your lips and start by giving small kisses to the glans, then run your tongue over the crown of it. Lower and raise your tongue licking the shaft of the penis to return to the glans. Take your time.

Then comes the most delicate step, be careful to wrap your teeth with your lips so as not to injure your partner and suck the head of the glans as if it were a chocolate.

Have fun taking turns taking the tip, the shaft and the entire penis, of course depending on the size, and accompany the suctions with the movement of your hands delicately but with pressure. And ready! In the complete French combine all the steps you want to repeat, but don’t forget to look him in the eye from time to time, this drives them crazy.

Do a complete French to a woman

As for girls, oral sex is another issue. You can lead them to glory if you know how to do it well, or just make everything very boring.

It may seem very tempting but don’t go straight for the clitoris. To perform a full French to a woman you must go easy. Go first gently over the labia majora, labia minora, and vaginal vestibule. To do this, use your flat tongue, as if you were licking an ice cream.

Little by little, increase the intensity and also enter the labia minora with a little path upwards. When you reach the clitoris, move your tongue quickly up and down. You can use your fingers at the vaginal entrance and make gentle touches or penetrations with your fingers, but be careful not to hurt your partner.

The intensity will be shown by her, if you observe that her breathing increases, arches her back and produces certain moans, you are doing it excellent, at that moment you can suck the clitoris, just as if it were a hottie.

There you will see the woman who literally fascinates you wriggling with pleasure and is attentive, the only ones who scream like crazy are the porn actresses and if your partner does not do it it is not because they are not feeling wonders, perhaps it is because

Remember that a full French can have consequences on your health as there are diseases such as chlamydia, which can end up in your throat or give you any venereal disease and even Hepatitis C if you don’t take care of yourself.

Use condoms and if possible, have a stable and healthy partner, so the two of you can take care of each other’s health and of course fully enjoy sexuality by having a good natural French (without a condom).