The luxury escorts in Alicante are cute, sweet and wonderful, they always promise to make your visit to this city an unforgettable experience. Alicante, a port city located on the Mediterranean coast, offers a wide range of activities both for residents and tourists. With a rich tradition and numerous places to explore, there is no better way to discover this city than with a precious Alicante escort from our Alicante escort agency.

Escorts in Alicante: Enjoy the Mediterranean in an exceptional company

Start your adventure in Alicante passing through the historic castle of the city. This location, surrounded by porticoed buildings and beautiful architecture, is ideal for enjoying yourself in the company of a luxury escort in Alicante. Here you can find numerous restaurants and terraces where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

For a more exciting experience, you can hire a free tour with your preferred escort. These tours through the city centre will allow you to learn about the history and architecture of Alicante, making your visit really special.

Castle of Santa Barbara: An unforgettable view with an escort from Alicante

One of the most emblematic monuments of Alicante is the Castle of Santa Barbara, located on the summit of Mount Benacantil. Built by the Arabs in the 9th century and reformed by Felipe II, this castle offers a panoramic view of the city that is simply spectacular. Enjoying this view in the company of an escort from Alicante will make the moment even more memorable.

Port of Alicante: entertainment and luxury with an escort

The port of Alicante is a vibrant place, full of boats, restaurants, bars, cafes and a casino. It is the perfect place to spend an adventure day with a sensual companion from our escort agency in Alicante.

Additionally, you can organize a private boat ride through the port, enjoying the privacy that the sea offers. If you prefer, you can plan a private party with two or more escorts from Alicante. With their physical impressions and enchanting characters, these parties are something that should be experimented with at least once in life.

Discover the Island of Tabarca with an escort from Alicante

Just 45 minutes from the city centre you will find the Island of Tabarca, a small island of about 0.3 km² with a great history. This island was a pirate refuge and is the first reserved marina in Spain.

Here you can swim, walk along its streets, bask in the sun on the beach and eat at one of its famous marine restaurants. Spending a night in one of the small hostels on the island, accompanied by a luxury Alicante escort, can be a breathtaking experience of sensuality and passion.

Relax in Canalejas Park with an escort from Alicante

Canalejas Park, parallel to the sea, is one of the oldest parks in Spain, designed in 1886. With statues of lions and dogs, and beautiful ficuses of For more than six years, this park is ideal for a rest, especially in summer. Enjoy the freshness of this place in the company of a beautiful luxury escort from Alicante from our agency, you will be visited even more often.

Exclusive services from our escort agency in Alicante

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Book your luxury escort in Alicante

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Additional services and personalized experiences

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Live the love of Alicante with a luxury escort

Alicante is a city full of love, history and natural beauty. Discovering this city in company of a luxury Alicante escort from our agency will make your visit even more special. Whether exploring the historic castle, enjoying the views from the Castle of Santa Barbara, relaxing in the port of Alicante or heading to the island of Tabarca, each moment will be memorable.

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