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The best escorts in the Canarias Islands

Escorts Canarias always to surprise you. The Canarias Islands are an archipelago that is located in the Atlantic Ocean, you have your own room and they are made up of 5 islands and 8 islets, with a truly enviable climate throughout the year.

It is said that the Canarias Islands could be the garden of the Hesperides that was located beyond the columns of Hercules, so that already in ancient Greece they were known as a point of reference for navigators.

In them there is a great tourist activity, and of course the Palma de Gran Canaria escorts , always delighted to live new adventures with them.

Visit the dunes of Maspalomas with an escort from the Canarias Islands

When you get there with your Canarian escort you will feel as if you were in the Sahara desert except there is a lagoon where different endemic protected species live such as flamingos and giant lizards.

In addition, it has a lighthouse built in 1890 that is 60 meters high and still works perfectly. Due to the prevailing climate in the area, it is better to visit them at dawn or when the sun is going to set, so you can take the best photographs to remember.

Get to know the port of Mogán in the company of an escort

If you want to know a true fishing village, take your Gran Canaria escort to this beautiful place. It is full of white houses, picturesque streets and many restaurants where you can taste a wide variety of fresh fish, in addition, you can enjoy a boat tour with your charming luxury escort, go snorkeling, diving, go underwater or take a tour through the port by bicycle. it will be very fun!

Roque nublo, you can’t miss it!

If you go with a luxury escort from the Canarias Islands surely you will not be able to miss this natural monolith of almost 90 meters, which is about 1813 meters high on the island, with one of the most charming landscapes around, Roque nublo.

How it has been called for centuries is a very striking point, also very close to there is the window of the cloud, a rock that has a natural stone arch shape that seems to be carved by hand and see that its age has not been known. Curiously, if you stand in front of the arch, it seems to frame the Roque Nublo.

Visit the beaches of the Canarias Islands with spectacular escorts from the Canarias Islands

Of course, you cannot miss the beaches with a escort from the Canarias Islands , first, to be seen with a girl with a really spectacular body, you can also visit Anfi de Mar Beach with its white and delicate sand, or that of Maspalomas, with the dunes in the background, or that of Los Amadores, with shallow waters.

And if you don’t like sand, the Agaete salt flats are a set of natural pools of salt water, made in the rock, yes, go when it is very hot because the water is very cold.

As you can see there are a lot of activities to do in the Canarias Islands with an escort , so you no longer have to spend your next vacation alone, go accompanied by a beautiful lady from our escort agency de Canarias , and enjoy all the wonders of the island of Palma de Gran Canaria.