Escorts Asiaticas

Do you love Asian women? Our agency can put you in contact with Asian Escorts full of mysticism and passion. They’re also great bridesmaids for gatherings where manners and elegance are absolutely essential. They come to Mallorca to unleash their passion without any repression. We are going to explain to you why Asian Escorts are so special.

Manga and Hentai, erotic costumes with the Asian Escorts

Manga drawings have managed to awaken a special attraction for Asian girls, slim bodies, very delicate faces and bodies with minimal curves, which look almost childish, but with good-sized breasts are a characteristic of these images. If you are a fan of Manga and Hentai. Asian Escorts will be happy to give you a demonstration of what the art of erotic costumes really is.

As schoolgirls they look fantastic and their small size will fly your imagination, towards all your sexual fantasies with the Japanese cartoons that always have very sexy girls in them.

Wonderful sensual massages with Asian Escorts

The small hands of the Asian Escort experts in performing sensual massages that will take you to an ecstasy without equal, you will never have felt such a pleasure traveling all over your body.

Hot creams and oils are their specialty, they will make you relax each of the muscles in your body and then excite you in an unparalleled way.

Small and sexy

Asian women have a small stature, so everything in their body is in line with it so their genitals are narrow. Since oriental men are not very gifted due to genetics, Asian escorts are driven by foreigners, so congratulations! Everything you have will be very big for them and you will take them to the limit of pleasure.

Positions in sex with an Asian

Asian Escorts are small and thin, so you can do with them poses like a porn actor, since it will be very easy to lift them to have sex against the wall, on top of you, in the shower, sitting on the chairs, in the jacuzzi . They really are complete athletes, with the advantage of generating less weight for you, therefore you will tire less quickly and will last longer to reach the final explosive.

Luxury fur

Asian women are very concerned about taking care of their delicate skin, it is extremely soft, so you know that they are a delight to caress their skin. Imagine passing your lips over a whole body with a delicious aroma, surrounded by your strong arms … A spectacular erotic moment!

Dreamy eyes

Asian Escorts have beautiful eyes and know how to make them up in such a way that it will drive you crazy to see them. They also look at you with a desire that transmits a lot, and their accent and singing voice are a joy.

If you have ever read the novel Tai Pan you will know that oriental women seem demure but they are hot and expert in all kinds of love arts. They take great care of their grooming and personal presentation, they are also like a delicate, exotic and wonderful flower, which you will want to enjoy again and again without getting tired.