Masajistas eroticas

Erotic masseuses are experts in relaxing and making each of your body muscles enter a wonderful state that you will surely enjoy completely. What can you expect in these meetings? Get ready to let your imagination fly.

Erotic massages… pleasure at hand

Contrary to what you may think the erotic massages are not always part of the sexual preliminaries, that is, a erotic massage does not always have to end in a penetration this only it happens if you have requested it, contracting sexual service that includes both services.

Taoist philosophy considers that erotic massages are a source of holistic healing for the mind and spirit, so it is ideal for all men and women who have difficulties in their sexuality, as an inability to reach orgasm, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, impotence, or simply for those who wish to learn, try new sensations and why not, break with the sexual routine that sometimes invades the lives of couples.

The erotic masseuses of our agency in Mallorca are experts in making you feel really relaxed, and if you take them with you to a spa … well, it will be an experience that will really awaken your senses.

An ideal environment

To have a wonderful erotic massage it is important to have a warm environment, if possible 25 ° C, so you can be without clothes and not feel cold. The massage is accompanied by aromas of wonderful oils, such as carnation, coconut oil, musk, vanilla, amber or red rose.

The visual environment will be with dim lights, basically with candles. Of course, oil is an important element, since it helps the rubbing of the hands should be smooth, intense and precise.

In an erotic massage you will not miss relaxing and erotic music, so be prepared to spend a magnificent time.

Going through your body an extreme pleasure. The massages focus on starting in general from your feet or your hands, going up or down with smooth and fluid movements through the legs, thighs and abdomen, then through the chest, and the part that we tend to have more tension in the shoulders and neck To finish in the ears.

Erotic massage has the same disposition, but it will be accompanied by kisses on your skin, and erogenous caresses that, will wake up your senses remarkably.

Genital massages

To close with a flourish, if you want your massage to have the so-called “happy ending” it will surely include your genitals. You can not imagine what it is that a beautiful woman and expert in sex gently massage you but firmly your intimate area. Of course it will make you reach the climax in ways you have not known before , and you will be so excited and satisfied with this extensive erotic massage that you will want to repeat the experience over and over again.

If you want a special costume in the masseuse you can ask, nurse, Hawaiian, oriental, luxury lingerie, or nudes, what you need so that your fantasy of an erotic massage in Palma de Mallorca is unmatched Surely You’ll want to repeat the experience!