zonas erogenas

It is well known that the largest sexual organ in the human being is the skin, with all its nerve endings, in it the sense of touch is installed, absolutely fundamental in sexual practices, because after all, touching and being touched is extremely important. exciting.

Within this framework are the erogenous zones, in which, by gently touching, licking, or kissing, you can deliver such a stimulating sensation that you will definitely get aroused to the maximum.

Obviously, the genitals are the best-known and most direct erogenous zones, but they are not the only ones, there are many more, and, in fact, some are different between the female and male gender, and others depend on each person, for example, some are very excited to be given a kiss close to the ear, while others are really annoyed.

So that you get to know some areas, and gradually experience what you like so much, and where they are, we will give you a list of some that will surely fascinate you.

The most exciting erogenous zones in men and women


Among the erogenous zones for both genders is the scalp, and there are very few people who do not enjoy receiving a scalp massage. The ideal is to pass your hands through this area before starting the sexual act, first gently and when everything is very hot you can caress this area a little harder. Men are very excited! You can also try how to pull the hair a little, very gently, when there are very fast movements of the pelvis it can be a really exciting point.

The mouth

There is a reason for the saying “that begins with a kiss”. The lips and the mouth in general are very sensitive, therefore, learn to kiss both softly and passionately, lick deliciously and gently, and take the nipples, glans, clitoris, and all parts of the body to the mouth. of your partner that turn her on will be something truly important.

Breasts and nipples are very exciting erogenous zones

A woman can lubricate a lot, just if you know how to touch her nipples and, believe it or not, for some men these areas on their own body are really exciting and our Mallorca escorts know this, so explore the male nipples… they might surprise you with a huge boner!

Exploring the breasts is really an adventure, since they are one of the greatest centers of female pleasure, that is why it is necessary to know how to treat them. Squeezing them is not convenient, in fact you might get yourself a defense reflex hit as they really hurt, so treat them sweet unless she asks you otherwise.

Caressing the base of the breast and slowly working your way up to the nipple creates great anticipation, and if you run your tongue over the areola several times, and over the nipple before gently sucking on it, you’ll notice why it’s one of the zones! most wonderful erogenous that exist.

The Feet

In addition to being a fetish for many men, the feet have many nerve endings, since they are an end of the body. If you want lustful sex, start by giving a gentle massage to the feet, paying special attention to each finger, and the inner and outer part of the ankle, kiss them softly and hotly, and go up little by little with kisses on the calf and thighs, until you reach the pubic area and have fun with oral sex!

Navel and lower abdomen

You can’t even imagine your partner’s reaction to gently kissing the area from the navel down. The expectation that you are going to reach the genitals will make the excitement rise little by little. You can combine sucking, licking, small soft bites, and chin pressure.

The year

Although it is not very common to talk about it, a large number of nerve endings converge in the anus, being very sensitive, so if you want to stimulate it, you will always have to use intimate lubricants and avoid touching it if you do not have very short nails, since that these can create small and painful wounds.

The black kiss is one of the most requested by clients of Escort services, since the sensation that the mouth produces in this area is unmatched, yes, we must warn that, if a proper cleaning is not done before, it can be dangerous for your health.

To stimulate it you can also use sex toys, such as anal weights, dildos, vibrators and many more.

The back

It is the fundamental axis of our body, and, nevertheless, one of the least visited areas, since it is not very easy to access it ourselves, so receiving kisses and caresses in it is truly stimulating.

An sensual massage on a bare back is a real pleasure In addition, you can walk through it with different elements: oil, massagers, ice, fruits, feathers, and even passing your erect member over your lover’s back can be a really pleasant experience.

Try approaching the girl from behind and from there caressing her nipples hugging her from behind, then kiss her neck and slowly go down those lips and tongue down her spine until you reach the beginning of her buttocks while your hand descends towards her clitoris, her reaction will be truly pleasant.

The ears

Although not everyone enjoys it, the ears are also an erogenous zone, and you can still touch them in public, so it will be really interesting to learn how to stimulate them properly.

The first thing you should do is avoid inserting your tongue into the ear canal at all costs, as it is extremely uncomfortable and will leave a rather unpleasant taste. The best thing is to get close to her ear, and whisper some sexy word or phrase, breathing very gently, so that your partner can barely perceive the warmth of your breath.

When you penetrate her, face to face or from behind, as long as your mouth is close to her ear, take the opportunity to say the words that arouse her the most, you’ll notice the result immediately!

Use the erogenous zones to your advantage, in sexual foreplay, if you touch her body properly, you will undoubtedly have a very pleasant result.