Juegos eroticos

Erotic games that you can enjoy with an escort from Mallorca

Enjoying good company does not necessarily have to end in a traditional sexual encounter, the Mallorca escorts from our agency know this very well and that is why they offer various services in which you will not only obtain pleasure but also relaxation and fun.

erotic games are one of the most popular services among escorts in Mallorca , since they allow the companion to relax and gain confidence to fully enjoy the meeting.

Enjoy and discover many more sensations through the erotic games that Mallorca escorts offer you

erotic games give you relaxation but above all help you to establish a much more open communication with your partner, as well as discover new sensations and obtain pleasure with greater ease.

On the other hand, some erotic games invite you to discover or establish power relations between submissive and dominant, which can lead to total enjoyment of your sexuality and break with the traditional scheme of a sexual encounter .

Awakening sensuality is one of the greatest effects produced by sexual games and that activates libido in a special way, on the other hand, it allows you to relax and activate the production of endorphins that allow you a state of well-being and of course they help you to relieve the tensions that your body has stored due to stress.

Sex games are ideal for fulfilling all kinds of fantasies, since you can assume different types of roles, explore and stimulate your body and that of your companion with different erotic toys, serving as a prelude to reach a intensity and rhythm in sex much deeper and lasting.

Some games that you can enjoy with Mallorca escorts are:

Handcuffed: it is an apparently very traditional game but it will help you discover all kinds of sensations and stimuli with greater intensity, especially if you add a bandage to it. This will make you focus specifically on the pleasure you are receiving from your partner.

Take off clothes: you can have a very pleasant conversation while you discover through key questions what are the things that your companion enjoys the most. Some answers may be fun and others may excite you enough to finish undressing and enjoy a very pleasant moment.

A special costume that keeps a fantasy that you have not enjoyed can be very sexy and raise your libido, since you can get a role play where your wishes come true and fully enjoy a sexual encounter outside the traditional.

The erotic games offered by the Mallorca escorts are always a good preliminary to obtain pleasure and fun, as well as helping you to release tension after a hard working day.

Go ahead and explore your sexuality and discover other ways to obtain pleasure, in the company of beautiful and elegant Mallorca escorts that you can choose according to your tastes and preferences. Call us! and we will be happy to advise you.