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If you are looking for a Russian escort in Palma de Mallorca you are in the right place. We are the leading escort agency on the island of Palma de Mallorca, we offer you the opportunity to meet the most beautiful Russian escorts in Palma de Mallorca. Luxury Russian companions who stand out for their great beauty, education and elegance. In our luxury escort agency you will discover a world full of fun and pleasure in the company of spectacular Russian girls.

Russian women are the most demanded by men, in the vast majority the dream of every man; is to enjoy a Russian luxury whore. For all the unique qualities they possess. They are escorts of great natural beauty, clear eyes, a dreamlike bearing and eager to please.

Michelle Grey can provide you with the best Russian escorts in Palma. Through a rigorous casting, our agency selects the best Russian ladies for you. Many factors are taken into account in the casting of luxury escorts for your choice; education, spoken languages, elegance, ladies with an open mind sexually, healthy life, sensuality and above all have a good physique and an indisputable beauty of face.

You can make a reservation for a lady very easily, calling us by phone or through our online reservation form that we put at your disposal. Enjoy the company of a Russian escort in the main cities of Spain such as; Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Marbella, Tenerife. Discover our escort agency Michelle Grey. A new world of fantasies and pleasure at your fingertips.

Russian escorts, will they be hot or cold?

Russian women have a particular beauty, their big clear eyes, their height, long legs and big breasts will make you feel really full of desire, but do you think they are as cold as the long winter nights in Russia?

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Russian escort experience: passionately and sexy

Don’t let the Russians fool you. Her white skin and the beautiful color of her eyes contrast perfectly with her apparent ugliness, but the reality is that these wonderful escort girls are always eager for new experiences.

Many men go truly crazy with passion for the possibility of having a Russian whore in their bed, because they are so feminine and delicious that, without a doubt, they deserve a good amount of your hours devouring them.

Under their icy appearance the Russian escorts are really a sexual volcano… Can’t you believe it? Well, we have the testimony of Jordi, one of our staunch clients, who has taken advantage of our escort agency to meet and have sex with girls from differents nationalities.

“I love Russian agency whores because I don’t have to go looking for them, they come wherever I am, and if I want, they can subtly approach me as if they were my girlfriend. I had a meeting with my old schoolmates, fifteen years after my graduation. I am a businessman, and I wanted to show off by taking a very sexy and different girl to the meeting.

When I began to look at the beautiful ladies of the agency, I found a Russian, and I thought, how wonderful! Blonde, tall, thin, with the longest legs I’ve ever seen in my life, and high heels that highlighted her perfect hips. and her large breasts, perfect to look at.

I didn’t think twice and hired her, including all the services she provided, for the whole night and, in addition, with the Girlfriend Experience service.

Girlfriend Experience with a Russian escort

To make it all the most impressive, I arrived at the party first, of course, I told them that my girlfriend would arrive later. I was teased, but I knew I would have a great time in the end, so a few minutes later Irina arrived, my Russian escort.

When I saw it I was as speechless as my companions. Wrapped in a sexy and shiny red dress, her white skin, gray eyes and blonde hair stood out greatly. The deep neckline of her dress revealed her large and firm breasts, which connected with a perfectly flat abdomen and long legs that ended in very high red heels.

Escorts Rusas
Escorts Rusas

The look on everyone’s face as she stepped firmly toward me, greeting me in her sweet accent with Hello and a delicious kiss really paid off the cost of the date. I introduced her to everyone as my proud girlfriend, and, she behaved so discreet, elegant, and suggestive only with me that she made me feel like a real movie star.

In a short time we started dancing to a soft song, and feeling her in my arms ignited my passion, so I decided to go with her straight to my house. When I arrived, I offered her a drink, and I noticed that she was looking at me with a burning desire.

She said a phrase in Russian, which of course I didn’t understand, and then she told me with a very hot accent: I want you to do everything you’re thinking of to me! I kissed her deeply and lowered her dress, exposing some perfect breasts with nipples. rosés that I sucked deliciously.

The quote continues…

I took off her clothes, picked her up and took her to the sofa, to penetrate her, she said insinuating words in my ear that with her wonderful accent made me even harder, so we lasted until we exploded with passion.

Going from there to taking a delicious, hot and stimulating shower was just one step. She started to take the initiative, and I let her masturbate me with the liquid soap, then she gave me a fellatio like she had never had before.

I like to do things my way, so I turned her around and entered her body to cum in her again. While she was recovering I finished bathing, ordered dinner and had a few drinks, the chat was so pleasant that I felt as if I had known her for years, a true delight.

The talk was so stimulating, and she was so sensual, that I couldn’t resist touching her again, and from then on we did many positions that I had never practiced before, besides, she brought a suitcase full of toys with which I was able to masturbate her, and stay in control as I recovered to give it through the night.

I gave her oral sex many times, and I loved hearing her moan and say words in Russian that I didn’t understand but that showed me that she was extremely aroused. I never thought that the Russians were also multi-orgasmic and that they squirt so wonderfully. Irina is definitely a sexual goddess.

Fiery, passionate and very sensitive, my Russian whore was the best gift I could give myself, when she said goodbye I decided… definitely whenever I can, I will have sex with Irina, or with any Russian escort , because apparently they are all exquisite”

If you enjoyed this testimonial, imagine how much you will enjoy delighting yourself with a beautiful Russian escort.

Where do our Russian escorts come from?

Surely you know that Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, so when we say Russian escorts we mean Lithuanian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Tula, Tambov, Kazan and many other places, coming from Eastern Europe.

Obviously Russian escorts are very hot, in fact, Russian men know that girls from the region are extremely sexual, and they love to experiment with men from other countries, as they always give them new experiences. .

Always eager and sensual, Russian whores will not hesitate to accompany you wherever you want to go. They may not be as good at dancing as Latinas, but in bed they are so hot that they will bring your passion to the maximum.

In short, getting intimate with a Russian escort will change your life, so go to the web agency and take a look, choose the one you want the most, you’ll love it!