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The secrets of luxury escorts, the most experienced lovers and the degree of tension. Drinks that help or hinder being a man


The traditional drink of love in a luxury escort. However, let’s say, that a champagne like “Moet & Chandon” or “Dom Perignon” are the ones that are most appreciated in a luxury escort when it comes to practicing sexual games. A study conducted in a French clinic, showed that after a glass of champagne testosterone levels are halved. Champagne is a mixture of carbon dioxide and grape fructose that have specific effects on the stomach wall.

The mixture is similar to the explosion: the bubbles reach each cell of the stomach and force them to function, that is, to secrete enzymes that break down food. As a result, more enzymes are formed in the stomach than usual. And this is good.

Escort de lujo Champagne


200 grams of red wine a day is very pleasant and helpful for the blood vessels. However, there is an opinion that the same wine that cleans the blood vessels, simultaneously destroys the bone. Therefore a strict dosage is necessary.

Doctors say that to keep blood vessels normal a person should normally take 30 grams of alcohol a day, and this is exactly the same 200 grams of wine. It also inhibits the development of atherosclerosis.