Tener sexo

You want to have a moment of very exciting and morbid pleasure with your partner? You do not need to leave home! If you think the sexual routine is invading your room you have best places to have sex at home that will surely make your partner go crazy with passion and sighed all day for you …

Sex in the shower, wet and passionate experience

A place maybe common but little exploited in sex is your bathroom. The feeling of the warm water running down their bodies in addition to the soap, which becomes a special assistant to massage the bathroom becomes a great place to have a new sexual experience .

To avoid could slip put a towel on the shower floor. You can use many positions, like the sexy dog ​​(you in four), he sat on it and you either front or back, both standing and all your creativity and your partner can imagine.

As a special recommendation do not use condoms, latex damaged water and will not be effective. You can use a lubricant waterproof, and sex toys to raise the temperature further. Now swimming will become something very sexy and fun .

Dare to enter the closet

The cabinets can be quite intimate and interesting place, obviously depending on their size. Sit on drawer space, if you can, or use them as a basis to support you and make the most daring positions.

In addition, there I have to hand ties, scarves, heels, shirts and many other items that will make your partner get carried away by passion having sex in the closet .

stairs to climb passion

The stairs are fantastic to have sex . They are very comfortable and will provide access to many positions without having to be a contortionist or an athlete. Best to use: the first four steps, which are at the base, so if you get a slip there will be major consequences.

The interior garden, like Adam and Eve

If you have an indoor garden and want to do something innovative, puts a ceiling of fabrics in any area. It is not difficult, you only need a tie, tweezers, sheets and imagination. Make sure you have a reclining chair, mat, or why not, a hammock so you can unleash your passion.

Uses a floaty dress with nothing underneath and take your partner to the garden. A bottle of wine and two glasses will do the rest. In previous games will have the chance to be naked in nature as Adam and Eve!

As you can see there are many places at home to have sex . Take the opportunity to see each of your potential. The kitchen and laundry room can also be included if desired, so definitely not just limit yourself to your room or on the couch. And enjoy your home in your fully!