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Escorts are often confused with prostitutes, however, escort Mallorca offer much more specialized escort services, even sometimes the clients do not necessarily require some kind of sexual relationship, just a pleasant company to spend a trip of business.

This is why escorts have special training and skills to function in certain public spaces, since their job is precisely about accompanying their clients to high-level events, dinners and activities, where they cannot clash with the guests.

Beauty and manners are two important characteristics that Mallorca escorts require

Escorts must comply with some specific rules, they must be young, attractive and with a high cultural level, even speak different languages, since regularly the events and their clients are of international stature, so they must interact with various high-standing characters .

An escort in Mallorca must take care of:

Physical beauty: physical beauty in women is linked to their physiognomy, tall, white and brown, voluptuous, slim or perfect. All this depending on the particular tastes of the clients and satisfy the demand. A Mallorca escort must cultivate her appearance, from her body, her nutrition, to her clothing, since it must not appear vulgar and her wardrobe must be discreet but elegant and fine.

  • Sensitivity: Escorts must have a certain sensitivity that allows them to be open and generate a good conversation, generate empathy with clients and with the people with whom they will rub shoulders during the events they attend.
  • Discretion: an important aspect of Mallorca escorts is that they must be highly discreet. Clients have a social and family life to take care of, so these women must have a very discreet treatment that favors the client.
  • Education: a level talk that relaxes the atmosphere is very important for clients, knowing about topics of interest and of course knowing all the rules of etiquette required in certain spaces that a Mallorca escort is going to attend with your customer. Manners are an essential part, so that you do not produce any kind of uncomfortable situations for your companion and the people who are around. It is important to maintain your integrity not to smoke or drink more than necessary, it is extremely important to avoid creating embarrassing situations. Finally the punctuality when having an appointment and the charm that allows the companion to feel fully well cared for.